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Människor som promenerar längs Strandpromenaden i Helsingborg. Do you want to help spread the word about Helsingborg? You’ll find everything you need here

Our goal is for Helsingborg to be the city with Sweden’s highest quality of life. We’ve made good headway, but in order to reach our target we need to care for, develop, and market Helsingborg as a city. Join us!

We’ve put together a toolbox that you can use to communicate Helsingborg in an inspiring and simple way. Here you’ll find – among other things – pictures, texts, presentations, films and physical products.

Good luck, and don’t forget to give us a shout if you’re missing something!

On the site you’ll find the following:

Texts about Helsingborg

Do you want to tell people about our wonderful city in a brochure, article, or something similar? We have produced a number of texts about Helsingborg that are free to use. Take them as they are, use parts of them, or use them for inspiration when you’re writing your own texts.
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People like talking about Helsingborg, both in Sweden and abroad. Here you’ll find links to Swedish and international articles about our lovely city that you can quote or be inspired by.
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A picture is worth a thousand words, according to the cliché. And it’s certainly true that beautiful and inspiring pictures are powerful communicative tools. Here you’ll find a library of high-resolution files representing Helsingborg in different ways.
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Client meeting, foreign guests or some other kind of representation? We’ve put together a presentation about Helsingborg that you can use in its entirety or as a starting off point for when you want to talk about the city. We hope you’ll find it useful!
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Helsingborg is the perfect weekend destination. Just the right size, easy to get around, packed with restaurants – and just 20 minutes away from a whole other country. Here we’ve gathered texts about Helsingborg as a destination, for those who work in the tourism industry.
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Give us tips and send us material

Do you have any tips about special places that should be represented on Sharing Helsingborg? Do you want to distribute your pictures, texts, films or other material? If that’s the case, get in touch.

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